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About Us

Who we are

  Shoor Thing Entertainment is all you need to make FUN a sure thing at your event or party. We are your #1 Tri-state area source for state-of-the-art Micro Reality Racing and RC Monster Trucks.  

Where to find us

  Whatever the occasion: Birthday Party, College Celebration, Corporate Event, Team Building, Trade Show, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Picnic, Fair or Fundraiser; we’ll add heart-stopping excitement and non-stop FUN.  

What we have

  1. 1/10 scale RC Stock Race Cars with many track configurations
  2. 1/12 scale RC Monster Trucks jam - great for the outdoors!
  3. Variety of arcade games

Micro Reality Racing

  Experience the excitement of a stock race right in your own backyard or venue. Shoor Thing Entertainment brings you realistic 1/10 scale stock car bodies equipped with powerful electrical engines along with tracks in a variety shapes and sizes. We’ll also provide up to 6 driving consoles, so you can steer your favorite stock car to victory. Can you feel the excitement as you challenge your friends, colleagues or complete strangers to a heart-stopping race?

The race is on. The clock is ticking. The lap counter doesn’t lie as you try to adjust to the sensitivity of the wheel and control the gas, while taking those sharp turns. So many things can happen. Someone has an accident and blocks your way. You hit the inner or surrounding walls and need to pull back. Your car has to make a pit stop just as you take the lead and soooo many other unexpected events that force you to be at your sharpest, competitive mode. 

We bring the thrills, you get the chills! 

We can customize the number of laps or the duration of each race. We usually run 10-15 laps each race or 1:30-2:00 minutes (whichever comes first). When needed, our team is trained to give you the proper pit stop service you’ll expect in a real scenario. We work at top speed so you still have a chance to catch up to the others and even win.

Stock car races are among the top-watched events nationwide with millions of fans. We give you the opportunity to feature it at your event and let your guests race. That’s exactly what we mean by saying: We put U in the middle of the FUN. And, it’s just as FUN to watch.  

Track Configurations

Indy/Brickyard Quad-Oval

Suitable for 5-6 cars with space requirements of 25’ long by 25’ wide. 

Standard Square

Suitable for 4-5 cars with space requirements of 24’ long by 20’ wide. 


Suitable for 3 cars with space requirements of 17’ long by 20’ wide. This track does NOT come with lap counter. 

Super Speed Way Oval

Suitable for 5-6 cars with space requirements of 30’ long by 20’ wide. 

Standard Oval

Suitable for 4-5 cars with space requirements of 25’ long by 20’ wide. 

Small Oval

Suitable for 3-4 cars with space requirements of 20’ long by 20’ wide. 


Q: How long does it take to get everything set up?

A:   There are different factors that determine the duration of unloading and setting up (i.e. how close we can park our van, does the venue have special requirements/regulations, is the allocated space suitable to the chosen equipment, etc). As a result, we arrive several hours before each event and try to get maximum information in advance and come prepared. Once everything is unloaded, it takes about an hour for everything to be up and running. We expect you to arrange the appropriate place for us to park, so we can unload and load our equipment safely and legally. In cases of uncertainty, please let us know in advance and will work with you to find a solution.  

Q: Do you need assistance for the set up stage?

A:   No, but thanks for asking. We’ll just need to know where to get settled and where to find the closest power outlet.

Q: What are your electrical needs?

A:   Most of our equipment works comfortably with one standard outlet (110V 15 AMP) or equivalent power generator. Some equipment requires 20 AMP outlets. We’ll emphasize this issue at the contract stage and ask you to make sure your venue has the proper outlet. Shoor Thing Entertainment can provide a standard generator upon request for an extra charge.  

Q: What are the space requirements?

A:  Every attraction has different space requirements. You can get the specific measurements on the information page of each attraction. Shoor Thing Entertainment requires a level surface area, protected from direct sunlight or rain for outdoor events.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A:   Hey, it is difficult for everyone these days. However, we do believe some populations deserve special treatment and those are: charities and not-for-profit organizations, armed forces and veterans, hospitals and students. Discounts are also available for multiple occasions, settings and bookings.  

Q: What is your policy for scheduling/rescheduling and travel?

A:   In order to secure a specific date, a retainer fee of 50% of the total payable to Shoor Thing Entertainment must be received and cleared. Second check with the remaining balance is due upon event arrival. Shoor Thing Entertainment will do its best to be flexible with changes. However, we can’t promise availability. If the new date required is available, we will not charge for the switch as long as we are notified 14 business days prior to the new event date or the original date, which ever occurs first. In case we are already booked on the alternative date and no new comfortable date will be available for both parties, a cancellation fee of 50% of the retainer (i.e. 25% of the total) will be charged and the remaining balance will be returned to the customer.  

Shoor Thing Entertainment is located in upper Manhattan, NYC. We include a total of 50 miles travel cost each way (or a total of 100 miles round trip) as part of our package and will charge a mileage fee of $1.5/mile for every mile beyond the included mileage. For any other questions, clarifications or quotation, please feel free to contact us at:
info@shoorthing.com or call 646-318-9966.      

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